PND User Repository

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unknown game 1.0.0 example program from glhck build tree Cloudef
unknown gmp 6.0.0 A free library for arbitrary precision arithmetic fahrstuhl
unknown gnutls 3.3.14 A library which provides a secure layer over a reliable transport layer fahrstuhl
unknown libgcrypt 1.6.3 General purpose cryptographic library based on the code from GnuPG fahrstuhl
unknown libgpg-error 1.18 Support library for libgcrypt fahrstuhl
unknown libotr 4.1.0 Off-the-Record Messaging Library and Toolkit fahrstuhl
unknown libpurple 2.10.11 IM library extracted from Pidgin fahrstuhl
unknown makepnd 1.0.0 Scripts for creating PND packages from recipe Cloudef
unknown mbedtls 1.3.10 Portable cryptographic and SSL/TLS library, aka polarssl fahrstuhl
unknown nettle 2.7.1 A low-level cryptographic library fahrstuhl
unknown pidgin 2.10.11 Multi-protocol instant messaging client fahrstuhl
unknown pidgin-otr 4.0.1 Off-the-Record Messaging plugin for Pidgin. fahrstuhl
unknown pndmanager-bzar 1.3.11 Package manager for PND repositories bzar
unknown purple-plugin-pack 2.7.0 Compilation of plugins for the libpurple family of IM clients fahrstuhl
unknown spacerocks-bzar 1.2.0 An asteroids clone bzar
unknown telegram-purple-git v0.6.1.r0.g3ccd738 Adds support for Telegram to Pidgin, Adium, Finch and other Libpurple based messengers. fahrstuhl
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